Buying Real Estate in Collingwood? What to Know Before You Switch to Small-Town Living

Buying Real Estate in Collingwood? What to Know Before You Switch to Small-Town Living

You have made the decision to uproot your family and move to the beautiful town of Collingwood, Ontario. Buying real estate in this area is a great investment in your lifestyle. Before you start unpacking moving boxes, however, here is what you need to know about buying real estate and settling down in Collingwood:

  • You will need recreation equipment—Collingwood is known for its recreational opportunities. Even if you aren’t much of an outdoorsy person, you won’t want to miss out on all the chances to mountain bike, downhill ski, cross country ski, hike, and swim in the area.
  • Your cost of living will most likely go down—If you decided to move from Toronto or another larger area to Collingwood to lower your cost of living, you’re in luck. Costs for things like mortgages, food, transportation, and property taxes are all slightly lower in Collingwood than Toronto.
  • You will have access to many medical practitioners—Collingwood has its own hospital (Collingwood General and Marine Hospital) and many doctors who are accepting new patients. Whether you have a medical emergency or need access to a medical specialist, you will not have to go back into the city for quality medical care.
  • There are excellent places to shop—Whether you love to shop or try to get away with as few trips to the grocery store as possible, there are many places to pick up fresh, local foods in Collingwood. For example, the downtown farmers market is a popular spot to meet vendors from the community and stock up on seasonal produce. There are also a number of health food stores and alternative diet-based restaurants for those with vegan, vegetarian, or organic lifestyles.

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