Don’t Forget! Keep your Gas Meters and Air Vents Clear

At this time of year, with the recent heavy snowfall and cold weather, its particularly important for residents in Collingwood and the surrounding areas to ensure that vents and gas meters on their properties are kept clear of snow and ice.  

The local Fire Departments have received an increased number of emergency calls this year to homes with blocked vents and faulty Carbon Monoxide detectors.  Preventative measures, such as checking vents and gas meters just twice each week can help protect you and your family from a dangerous build up of natural gas within your home.
In addition, whilst checking your vents, why not check your smoke detector and Carbon Monoxide detector batteries too – they should be no older than 10 years to work efficiently and safely.
If you suspect a problem, you should ventilate your house and leave the property.  Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning may include headaches, dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea or stinging eyes – call 911 for help.

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