Why You Are The Georgian Triangle’s Best Realtor!

Every so often I get a testimonial that completely overwhelms me. This testimonial sums up how I work with clients. Thank you for the thumbs up!
I know we’ve joked about the reference letter I’d give you once my condo at Heritage Corners was sold, but in all honesty I wanted to convey to you the reasons why the title is justly deserved:
Knowledge. While I have owned a recreational property up here for over 15 years, and have enjoyed the skiing lifestyle over that period of time, having the intimate local knowledge of the market was absolutely essential to my making a good buying decision. With your local knowledge and expertise, I felt that I made a very knowledgeable buying decision.
Experience. It goes without saying that having the experience in dealing with local agents, each with their own idiosyncrasies, is definitely an advantage. You know through experience what approach will work and what won’t. Skillful use of this knowledge, I believe, resulted in my successful purchase of my new log home on Pioneer Lane.
Empathy. I know it sounds strange but I really believe that the ability to listen and to understand your client’s needs and circumstances, enables you to better serve their interests. I felt that you were interested in, and appreciated, my unique circumstances and you were always willing to tailor your marketing strategy to address my needs.
Trust. Sometimes, as purchasers, we think we know what we want (or can afford) but were really out to lunch until we’ve gone through the process of viewing property after property. In reality, we probably don’t know what we want until we see it! I’m sure this could be a frustrating process for any realtor, and yet you always reassured me that, with patience, the right property would show up.
Personality. I don’t need to emphasize that when you’re selling or buying a home, it’s an extremely stressful time. I always appreciated the fact that, no matter what, you always had a smile on your face or that you were always willing to spend that extra time to answer whatever questions I had. I always knew that you were balancing a million priorities, but I never felt that I wasn’t one of them.
Going that Extra Mile. I know it sounds trite, and everyone stakes claim to doing it, but you put the words into action. When I advised you I wanted to put in an offer on the way to the airport flying out to Scotland, you were totally nonplussed with being left to handle everything in my absence. You made it seem like this sort of thing happened every day, and I left town knowing that I was in good hands. Never once did you imply that my strategy was completely crazy!
I truly thank you for making the next chapter of my life a reality. Without your knowledge, expertise and support it would not have happened!
I’m glad I took the chance and rolled down my car window to inquire about that house in Strawbridge you were showing last year! If I hadn’t rolled down my car window none of this would have happened, which just reinforces my belief in fate.
I wish you and your family all the best for a healthy, happy and prosperous future.”
Joan Di Gregorio, Seller
Blue Mountains – Heritage Corners

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