New Rules & Protection for Condo Owners this Fall

New protections for condo owners and rules for managers and directors in Ontario are taking effect this fall.
Starting this fall, new rules will make it easier for condo owners to participate in owners’ meetings and will make it easier for them to access records of their condo corporation. The changes stem from a 2015 update to the Ontario Condo Act that now affects the lives of a growing number of condo residents.

  • Effective November 1st, 2017 Condo dwellers who want to sit on their building’s board will be required to be trained in the management and operation.
  • There will be mandatory education requirements for condo managers applying for a general licence.
  • A new dispute resolution tribunal that will be administered by an agency called, the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO). The new three-stage dispute process will cost $25 for a preliminary negotiation; $50 if it moves to mediation and $125 if the case goes to adjudication. It will be paid by the person bringing the dispute to the tribunal.
  • The CAO will provide education about condo owner rights and responsibilities.
  • An average fee of $12 a year per condo unit will be remitted by condo corporations to the CAO to pay for the information, training and regulatory services. Starting Sept. 1, the CAO will begin providing phone and email information on the rights and responsibilities of condo owners and directors.
  • Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario will regulate and licence condo managers effective Nov. 1. Training will include instruction in legal, financial, construction and administration matters.
  • Directors will have to disclose whether they are owners or occupiers of units in the building or if they have interests in contracts involving the corporation, which will improve governance and address conflicts of interest.



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