Tips for Selling a House in Autumn

Did you know that autumn is the second-best time of the year for selling a house? One of the reasons is that potential buyers don’t have many of the time constraints and distractions that they have other times of the year. They aren’t thinking about summer vacation, dealing with winter weather or preparing for the holidays just yet. Instead, they are thinking about how nice it would be to have the home of their dreams before the end of the year! The overall pleasant feeling of autumn helps a lot, and you can use that to your advantage. Here are a few tips that can help you benefit from this ideal time for selling a house:

1.  Be sure the yard is clean. A lawn full of dead leaves may be fun for the children, but it isn’t as appealing to potential buyers. Also, be sure to give your landscaping some attention to remove dead flowers and vines, as well as trim dead branches from trees.

2.  You can rock curb appeal in autumn! Add a splash of colour with autumn flowers such as chrysanthemums, accent with pumpkins, and do other tasteful decorating for the season to make your home look great to potential buyers. Don’t overdo it with themes. Keep it natural.

3.  Do some autumn accessorizing indoors, too. Add a few autumn colours and décor, such as throw pillows in golden yellow, reds, and orange shades. Add an autumn centrepiece to the dining room table and a few light autumn scents to make your home feel welcoming. Natural scents only please! Consider some classic autumn baking, so the scents waft through the home during showings. A quick idea is to simmer hot apple cider, which can easily be done in a small slow cooker.

4.  Treat those that view your home. Sharing your baking, the cider, or even something else that speaks of autumn is a great way to keep your home in the mind of potential buyers who come to see it, which can make selling a house much easier and quicker.

If you would like additional tips for selling a house in autumn, give us a call at The Chris Keleher Team. We are the top real estate team in the South Georgian Bay area because we offer a unique and unmatched level of customer service. Our customized approach provides you with the results you deserve! Call today to learn more.

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