Vision Summary Report for the Collingwood Community Based Strategic Plan

MMM Group Limited (MMM)  Vision Summary Report in support of the on-going Collingwood Community Based Strategic Plan (CBSP).
The Town of Collingwood initiated a study to help in the develop of a strategic or visionary plan called “Collingwood Vision” . Following is the executive Summary, some highlights, and a link to the comprehensive document. The report highlights comment and suggestions obtained through surveys and booths at local events. Collingwood Waterfront is at the top of the list in all categories.
The Collingwood Vision will form the basis for the Community Based Strategic Plan (CBSP). It will represent Collingwood’s unique viewpoint and goal for the future, and all other elements of the CBSP will be developed for the purpose of implementing the Vision. In order to develop Collingwood’s Vision, a series of activities were undertaken to engage Collingwood’s residents, CAC, community organizations and Town staff for feedback, including:

  • Outreach using the Town’s Facebook page and Twitter account;
  • Use of a video vignette on the Town’s website that describes the CBSP process and opportunities to provide input;
  • Engaging the public through two community event “pop-up” booths;
  • Workshops with Town staff, the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) and the public; and,
  • On-line questionnaire that was also distributed in hard copy at Town Hall, the local library and various community events.

The cumulative results demonstrate that there are strong themes about the future of Collingwood. The emergent key words and themes that describe Collingwood’s Vision for the CBSP are the following:

  • Vibrant, publicly accessible waterfront;
  • Attractive downtown with diverse services and amenities;
  • Multi-modal access throughout the community ;
  • Financial accountability of Town Council;
  • Access to local health and social services;
  • Healthy and active lifestyle;
  • Diverse job opportunities;
  • Vibrant economy;
  • Leverage natural assets;
  • Protect key natural features;
  • Vibrant, four season recreation opportunities;
  • Balance and blend of cultural and built heritage
  • Welcoming, affordable, engaged and transparent community;
  • Active, accessible and cohesive community offering the best mix of work, live, and

The preliminary objectives, which would implement the Vision, developed during this phase of work are as follows:

  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Publically Accessible Waterfront
  • Economic Sustainability
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Culture and Community

See the Complete Report here

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