A Collingwood Blog is Born…

I was out with some clients last week and they were new to the area, so I gave them a somewhat guided tour of the area as we viewed properties from Collingwood to Thornbury. I was just briefing them as we passed by certain things, discussing the different neighbourhoods, parks, recreation options, trails, beaches, restaurants and so on. Halfway through the tour my clients asked me where I get all the info, and suggested it should be written down somewhere….and thus this blog is born! I will be discussing all the things mentioned about, local news and events, various condo developments, and other real estate related topics.
Although the home you choose will be the most important aspect of owning a home in this beautiful region, having the knowledge of all the things that will make your time here memorable and enjoyable, is a close second. Subscribe to this blog or stop in regularly to gather info on neighbourhoods, events, restaurants and shops, and stay up to date on things in the area. If you have a particular development or neighbourhood you would like to see a post on, please send me an email request and I will get a post up for you. Whether it’s “Tell me a little more about Lighthouse Point”, or “Have you ever eaten at Tesoro?”, I will be happy to put together a post.

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