M. Amormino, Seller – Tree Streets, Collingwood Real Estate | Collingwood Real Estate | Blue Mountains

” I chose the Chris Keleher Team because of your enthusiasm, demeanour and professionalism. 

You stood our because of your attitude. At our first meeting you promised to deliver the same level of attention as any listing you had (we were close to the bottom of price in your listings). The Team delivered in every aspect, quick to my emails. Courteous when scheduling open houses and walk throughs. Marketing (pictures, literature, etc) was done to a level that I was very proud of. It is personal to list your house and your Team represented it with the utmost respect. All of my emails were responded to with promptness. This being the first time I was selling my home I didn’t really know what to expect. After going through the process however, I couldn’t imagine what would have been missing. 

The biggest strength in my opinion was the experience of the Team. Knowing what to highlight, steps in the process, negotiations. All of these things made the process less stressful for myself. Which was very important to me. 

His website seemed suitable to navigate all of the listings and had a very professional, but not overly busy. I believe the team could benefit from the use of Instagram. Its a social media platform that promotes pictures, keywords and uses filters to enhance the images.

I have personally referred the Team to many people. I did this due to the positive experience on the whole and the specific examples I listed above. 

The one thing they did better than anyone else was make our listing feel like their most important one. The level of personal attention was beyond our expectations. 

I was throughly impressed with the entire experience. I would recommend the Team to anyone. Believe that if the Team continues to strive to give the customer service I received to all clients, their future will be bright. “

M. Amormino
Seller, Collingwood, Tree Streets