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Commercial Real Estate, Collingwood, ON

We can assist you with all your commercial real estate needs – buying, selling, or leasing.

Commercial Real Estate in Collingwood, Ontario
Canadians seem to have more of a tumbleweed nature than citizens of other countries around the world. What we mean by that is they tend to drift with the wind, like a tumbleweed, from one location to the next. One survey done a few years ago showed that 14% of Canadians wish they could move every year and a surprising 28% of them move every 5 years. It is because of this that Canadians looking for a new home often do not put a lot of thought into what they are buying as they suspect it will be more temporary than permanent.

The opposite is true when you are considering commercial real estate for a business. Relocating is expensive and can dramatically harm the image and profitability of your company. It is important, therefore, to work with an experienced commercial real estate professional when selecting a property in Collingwood, Ontario for your company. Here at The Chris Keleher Team, we can help you find the perfect location for your start-up, additional location, or if you do need to relocate because your first choice truly isn’t working out for you.

We handle listings for commercial real estate, as well as business only sales. Whether you are looking for an entire building, one floor of a commercial building, or to lease a small section of a building, our team can go to work to locate the perfect spot for your business. We can also assist you if you are closing a location and have a building you need to sell, or you own income-producing commercial real estate and need to fill a vacancy.

If you have any questions about commercial real estate and need to buy, sell, or lease space, give us a call to schedule a consultation to learn how we do real estate differently.