Living Green: Insulating Your Home

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What’s the benefit of living a little greener? Improving the energy efficiency of your home can help you save money and increase its appeal to home buyers in the Georgian Triangle.

Properly insulating your home prevents hot and cold air from escaping vulnerable areas. You pay to heat and cool your home, so when that air leaks out it’s the same as throwing money out your window. This air escape has a great effect on your home’s energy efficiency as well as your family’s comfort.

Insulation works to resist heat flow, which affects your energy costs. The higher the heat flow, the higher your bills will be.

Replacing or installing insulation in your attic is the perfect place to start to increase the energy efficiency of your home. This is a small change you can make to reduce your energy bills.

Before you start, consult with an insulation installer who can conduct an audit on your home and determine how much insulation you already have and how much you need.

To prevent air leaks check your home for cracks where air may be escaping—door frames, windows, attic access, and any area where wires or lighting is installed. These areas are especially vulnerable to leaks in older homes.

Not only can greener living help you reduce your energy use and lower your bills, but it can also increase your home’s appeal to buyers. Home hunters will see the value of proper insulation in a home.

Want to find out more about Living Green? Here’s a great website http://www.davidsuzuki.org/

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