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Selling Your Home in Collingwood & Blue Mountains

 “It’s more than putting a sign on your lawn.”

It has become a prominent fact that the first showing of every home happens online. Long gone are the days of simply listing a home on MLS and crossing your fingers, especially in this unique marketplace of Southern Georgian Bay!

“I’m Raising the Standard for my Real Estate clients…”


Marketing: Innovative, Creative & Far-Reaching


  • Online Presence
    I have a serious understanding of how to effectively market real estate online. My online marketing reaches the broadest range of buyers, and nothing is more important than Quality Lead Generation. By this I mean fewer, better, relevant showings. No advertising method does this better than my unique Collingwood & Blue Mountains HOMETOURS, comprehensive slideshow and property information that make up the web presence I build for your home. I can’t create a buyer, but if there is a buyer out there, my marketing will reach them and show your home in the best light. You want your home to be memorable to those who are truly interested; you want to highlight, but not overstate. The goal is unique showings for serious buyers to take your home  from Listing to Selling.


  • Polished Print
    Making your home stand out online is only one element of a good marketing plan. Making it stand out in your print materials is equally important. Providing high quality brochures and information documents for your listing is key to making your home memorable in the MLS mix. To give your home the image it deserves, it needs to appear in high readership, local Collingwood & Blue Mountains magazines, such as Escarpment, OurHomes and On the Bay. My commitment to investing the time, money and effort in advance is paramount to the successful sale of your home.

“With all marketing, it’s essential to fully represent the quality and uniqueness of your home.”


Service: Unmatched, Intuitive, Quality

A new standard of Real Estate service is now upon us, and it is a refreshing change from the old “list it and cross your fingers” type of approach. You will quickly see that at Royal LePage Locations North, we are industry leaders in this area.


  • Commitment
    My commitment isn’t just words on a piece of paper; I do the demanding work needed to earn your trust and respect. I have done it with all my other clients (TESTIMONIALS), and I am prepared to do it for you too. I set high standards for myself, because my discerning customers not only expect the best, but deserve the best. Your home will get professional representation which will set it apart from others on the market, giving it an advantageous edge. I will roll up my sleeves to do the work that needs to be done to give your home the best first impression. Rather than simply telling you what you need to do to prepare your home for showings, I will cover the cost of a professional staging consultation and help you carry out the tasks that will highlight your home’s best features, along with helping to maintain it along the way.


  • Partnership
    I understand selling a home can be an emotional experience. It can be inconvenient and intrusive and especially difficult when your primary residence is out of town. The last thing a homeowner needs is concern about how their home will be presented on the market. I strive to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible, by maintaining an exceptional service standard. By working in partnership with my clients, I am able to effectively develop a sales strategy that best suits each individual client.


Knowledge: Comprehensive, Proactive, Essential

30 years of experience, although helpful, doesn’t sell YOUR home. The same can be said for MLS. Knowledge of YOUR individual home is what will sell it. You have a unique home, so give it unique marketing to make it stand out above the rest. Knowledge sells homes – “I don’t know” does not.

Often, real estate agents are too excited when signing a listing agreement to take the time to get answers to the questions buyers will inevitably ask. They don’t take the time to LEARN about what they are selling. Knowledge Sells. As a listing agent, I can assess your home and anticipate all the possible comments and questions buyers will have, and proactively prepare answers and solutions for them. This ensures a level of confidence for buyers that is essential to closing the sale of your property.


  • Competence
    Staying up to date in the latest trends and technologies in the ever changing world of real estate, is more important every day. Although I make optimal use of technology to professionally represent the homes I sell, I won’t overwhelm clients with internet/technology buzz words. I have the technical tools and skills to create all online and print marketing materials myself, which translates to benefits to the seller. I will know your home well, so I can accurately portray that to buyers. Also, there are no additional costs or delays associated with involving outside advertising agencies. What I do simply works.

In short, the real estate service and marketing I provide is unmatched and well-suited to the new market of today and to the unique and beautiful region of Collingwood & Blue Mountains, Southern Georgian Bay.

 When was the last time you got more than you expected?

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