Staging Tips for Selling a House

Staging is a strategic move when selling a house
Staging is a strategic move when selling a house that often has a huge impact on success. The definition of success in this situation involves getting the best price for your home and avoiding it sitting on the market too long. Your real estate agent will handle the marketing of your property, but the more you give them to work with in terms of making your home photogenic and enticing to those who tour it, the better the outcome.
Your real estate agent is a valuable resource for staging tips, as they can take a custom approach once they see your home during the consultation stage of selling a house. They’ll give you specific ideas of things you should do, perhaps even before the home is listed and marketing begins. The various things you can do fall into three categories: improvements, reducing, and rearranging.

  • Improvements are those things that add curb appeal and resolve any areas of your home that have a dated appearance. You might or might not recoup the entire cost of some of these improvements, but if they make a difference of several weeks or even months on the market, you’ll save money in the long run. Of course, the best improvements are the ones that increase the value of your home. Redecorating to make your home lighter and brighter with fresh paint or new window treatments is a low-cost option that can have huge rewards.
  • Reducing is the stage in which you get rid of clutter, put personal items away, and get rid of excessive furniture. Sometimes selling a house involves getting a storage unit so that your home can look larger when there are fewer things in it.
  • Rearranging involves setting up the remaining furniture in an advantageous way that shows off your home the best and lets potential buyers better envision what their furniture will look like in the space. If you do not have enough furniture or your furniture isn’t staging the home properly, consider renting furniture or borrowing some from a friend.

These are just a few of the things you can do when selling a house to properly stage it for optimal benefits. When you call on us at The Chris Keleher Team to assist you, we provide specialized staging tips and access to our resources to help you get your home ready for tours or an open house. We will help you make your home look its absolute best! Contact us today to learn more.

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