The Difference Staging Makes When Selling Your Home – Before & After

Going the Extra Mile! 6 Limestone Lane SOLD FIRM in MULTIPLE OFFERS After Our Staging Team Worked Their Magic!

Staging a home for sale is not a new concept, but it is a practice that has gained steam with the ever changing real estate market. Many sellers would think that staging is not necessary with the current market however it has been proven time and time again that staging a home results in a higher sale price.   

The strategy throughout the staging process is to transform your home into a place potential buyers can envision as their own. In this example the home was staged to reflect the home’s unique style and architecture.

By staging 6 Limestone Lane it sold with multiple offers immediately after being listed for over the asking price!

When preparing to list your home for sale, you can put yourself at a great advantage by taking steps to present your home correctly. The Chris Keleher Team is partnered with Sakura Interiors, knowledgeable design professionals who guide sellers through the home preparation process, step by step.

Our Real Estate Stagers will visit the property and offer specific ideas of what the homeowners can do to prepare for photos and showings.  This isn’t a television show, where we empty the home of your belongings and bring in a truck load of all new furniture, costing you thousands of dollars! We employ simple solutions for highlighting your home’s best features and addressing any areas that would concern buyers.

Every home is different, therefore the list of suggestions varies, ranging from painting, cleaning, decluttering and tucking personal items away, to rearranging furniture and adding light. Once the homeowner has worked through the list of suggestions, the Stager returns to style the home for photos. We use existing items within the home, and may add decor items from our own inventory to enhance the home’s overall appeal to potential buyers. 

All of these services are part of the complete experience of working with the Chris Keleher Team, helping clients achieve the best Real Estate experience possible, and selling homes faster and for more money.

Here are a few staging tips to ensure your home sells for it maximum potential:

  • Use Colour Creatively – Colour can be incorporated in many ways, so don’t be afraid to use it creatively. From unique pieces of art to decorative pillows, a pop of colour can really catch a buyer’s eye. 
  • Conquer Clutter – Throw out old belongings that simply add to a clutter-filled home.
  • Less Is More – Too much furniture is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make. Consider arranging a few core pieces in your space and see the difference.
  • Float Furniture – Pull furniture away from the walls to create groups within a room and to help with the traffic flow in and through the space.
  • Mix It Up – Shake up the room’s style and attitude by periodically moving furniture around and incorporating old accessories into your design in a new way. 
  • Repurpose Unused Rooms – Make that junk room into a dreamy crafts room
  • Let Light In – Letting outside light in can brighten the space and make the room feel larger.
  • Light It Up – Most homes are improperly lit. Aim for 100 watts every 50 square feet in layers of ambient, task and accent lighting.
  • Rearrange Your Art – Displaying art in traditional ways — in a circle at the same height around the room — can make it invisible. Leave the stereotype behind and display art in surprising ways. 
  • Accessorize With Threes – Odd-numbered groups of accessories, especially threes, tend to be more eye appealing.
  • Bring the Outdoors In – Head outside and grab some greenery from your yard to bring a fresh look indoors.
  • Make an Entrance – Creating a warm entrance to your home is welcoming to your guests.

The goal of staging is to make the home speak to everyone else, in a compelling and positive way. Highlight your home’s strengths, downplay its weaknesses and appeal to perspective buyers.

Staging works!! It helped to sell this magnificent home!

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