Tips for Moving for First-Time Home Buyers

we understand the challenges that first-time home buyers face
You don’t have to be a homeowner to know that moving has plenty of challenges. However, first-time home buyers might not be familiar with some of the added concerns with moving from a rental property to their very first home. Here are a few tips for moving that can help you have a smooth transition if you are about to close on your first home.

  • Appliances – Typically, rental properties are equipped with at least a stove and refrigerator, although that isn’t always the case in a rental house like it is an apartment. The home you purchase might or might not have appliances, so it is important for first-time home buyers to discuss whether the appliances come with the home and make plans to purchase appliances if they do not. If you own unneeded appliances, arrange to have them moved, sell them, or negotiate with the landlord to leave them.
  • Space Planning – It is one thing to imagine your furniture in your new home, but it is quite another to make certain it will fit. It may be time-consuming, but get the dimensions of each room and plan out how everything will be organized in your new home. This saves time on moving day and the frustration of wondering what to do with a large sectional living room set that is blocking a doorway.
  • Financial Considerations – There can be many different financial things to think about, such as utility deposits, getting your rental deposit returned, days off work that might be without pay to handle the move, and others. Anticipating these costs can save you frustration and damper the enthusiasm you’ll feel as a first-time home buyer.

At The Chris Keleher Team, we understand the challenges that first-time home buyers face, and we’re happy to help with resources, advice, and helpful tips that can make moving day go smoother. Don’t hesitate to contact us from day one of your search, so we can walk you through the entire home buying process and ensure it is the rewarding and exciting time of your life that you deserve it to be.

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