Town of Collingwood Community Based Strategic Plan

collingwood-strategic-planSeptember 28, 2015 – Just released – Collingwood Community Based Strategic Plan
Collingwood’s Vision was defined through extensive input received during the Community Based Strategic Plan (CBSP) process. The Vision reflects the passion of residents, community groups and Town staff and Council. The attached document, The Community Based Strategic Plan (CBSP) is a guiding resource which outlines Collingwood’s vision and goals.
The CBSP Vision expresses five goals that were defined by the community to be:
• Accountable Local Government
• Public Access to a Revitalized Waterfront
• Support for Economic Growth
• Healthy Lifestyle
• Culture and the Arts
A few points of particular interest to the land-use planning community are: implementation of the Active Transportation Plan, 30% requirement for tree coverage, update and preservation of Natural Heritage. All goals and actions items can be accessed through this link:
Link to the The Community Based Strategic Plan

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