Waterfront Homes for Sale: What to Know Before You Buy

Waterfront Homes for Sale: What to Know Before You Buy

There is nothing like the tranquility and beauty of spending time out on and near the water. You dream of living by the water, and now the time has come where you are ready to look at waterfront homes for sale so you can finally live out this ambition.

Before you start perusing homes for sale, you need to know the differences between your options:

  • Waterfront—This means that your home gives you direct access to the water. You might have a beach, a dock, a boathouse, or another way to get into the water.
  • Water access—This means you can easily get to the water, but you will need to use a pier, beach, or a shared pathway to go swimming or launch your boat.
  • Water view—This is just as it sounds – you can see the water, but you may only have a partial view between other houses or enjoy a full view of the water near you.

Even though waterfront homes for sale are easy on the eyes, the conditions can be tough on the property’s structure. Flooding, corrosion, and mold issues are all common problems that result from living right by the water. Before you buy, a comprehensive inspection can help you determine what you are up against. Water quality tests, surveys, elevation certificates, and other specialized inspections are important to have completed before you move forward with your purchase.

Even though buying waterfront property is more complicated than purchasing a standard home somewhere else, it is well worth your time and investment. Reach out to us at The Chris Keleher Team today to explore your options and find the right waterfront property for you.

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